Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Jaunt in Blogworld

Clicking through newly discovered blogs, I have been transported to picture-perfect landscapes, mouth-watering food, and interesting outdoor experiences. Here are a few good ones from this week:

Reneba's post on the excellent jazz brunch at the Grand Cafe in Oslo:

"If you are in Oslo on a Sunday afternoon, like Jazz music and want a gourmet adventure, you should go to the Grand Hotel, built in 1874...You don’t eat a heavy breakfast before you go to Grand CafĂ©!"

Here is a glimpse of the smorgardsbord from his post. Read more.

Bhavika and Clyde
tell interesting stories of their travel to Hampi in southern India, the site of an ancient empire, through lots of pictures and few words.

"To the east of the hall is the famous Stone Chariot, constructed for Lord Vishnu with stone wheels that actually use to revolve at one point, but to avoid further destruction the Archaeological Society of India (ASI) cemented the base so it doesn’t move anymore. "

Pitt Polder's photo-blog, My Boots N Me from picturesque British Columbia, Canada.

"Since Hayward Lake is part of the hydoelectric sytem, it's not really a great idea to venture into the water here. I know it looks inviting. Unless you want to get sucked through the hyrdo dam and have the ride of your life, its best to obey the signs. Some signs I do actually take to heart."

Fat Cat's blog Food and City has an interesting gastronomic journey in Argentina that includes Morcilla, made from pure blood!

"How does it feel to be a vampire? I guess there’s no way to actually know that since drinking human’s blood would be considered inappropriate for our societies. However on my latest trip to Argentina, I happened to experience a similar feeling of being a Vampire. The local delicacy called Morcilla is indeed a sausage made from pure blood. "

And finally, fruity cocktail recipes in Sig's excellent food blog, Live to Eat. Here are some pictures from that post to whet your appetite.

Please note: All pictures in this post are sourced from the blogs reviewed here.


justme said...

Hampi has a cafe called the Sunset Cafe.. a Place where you eat sitting on a swing.. the place is worth seeing!

foodette said...

Very nice "recap" of blogging around the world!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for plugging me - that was flattering!
I do love your tales from all over the world and I'm glad you liked your 'stay' in Oslo, Norway too:-)

Smita said...

yumm... I think food makes the most colourful pics ;D Nice takes