Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Bangalore Trip

I was in Bangalore on Saturday, Sept 16, 2006, for a speaking assignment... An event organized by Silicon India that was focused towards experienced IT professsionals; sort of like a job fair, but targeted towards those who are more hardcore.

This was probably the shortest trip I have made anywhere other than when I am transiting through an airport ... And the traffic at Bangalore keeps getting worse every time I visit the place; a far cry from how the city was from early childhood memories.

Surprisingly, over 200 guys and gals turned up at 9AM for the job fair...we had a decent sized booth and our staffing guys were kept busy with resumes and queries.

The panel discussion on Product Development Trends in India (for which I was here), started 45 mins late from the scheduled time; somethings never change, I guess ... and I had to be back at the airport before 1PM for my flight.

The presentations were not of the greatest quality with the other speakers focusing solely on what their companies were doing; also given the late start, the moderator decided to entertain only one question!!

After a quick stop at a handicraft store (Karnataka handicrafts are still special to me from my childhood days), dashed back to the airport... Was returning to Pune via Bombay, but after we boarded, the Pune guys decided to keep the flight waiting for an hour because of some reason... got back home only at 7PM.

Nandini immediately decided she would keep the handcrafted peacock and hawk and wouldn't let me take them to the showcase. I hope they are not broken by the time I can do that :(

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