Sunday, July 21, 2013

White Rabbit

Salad Printemps at The White Rabbit SingaporeFor a fine dining experience like no other, you have to try the White Rabbit in Singapore.  Completely whimsical, this church turned restaurant affords an interesting dining experience while also offering a lesson in colonial history if you dig deeper.  The entire area of Dempsey Hill was once home to the British Army, and the garrison has slowly been repurposed into fancy restaurants, bars and spas.  Finally, it was the turn of the long abandoned garrison church, and therein lies the story of White Rabbit.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Signboard Restaurant

White pepper crab at No SignboardAs most Asians will attest, Singapore remains a haven for foodies with its high density and variety of eating places. That is especially true if you love Asian street staples or seafood. For seafood lovers, No Signboard often is one of the top choices here.  This strangely named restaurant now has branches all over Singapore; I had a chance to sample some of their innovative creations during a recent weekend.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

Back to the Bistro

Cheesecake at Bistro, PuneWe recently decided to take a weekend off from our routine chores.  Oakwood Premier, which is located close by, turned out to a perfect place for this.  With its stylishly appointed 'homes within a hotel', this place can be great to get some time out for families within the city or those looking to escape Mumbai for a few days.

Located in Koregan Park, this hotel has everything you need.  We stayed in a one-bedroom 'apartment' within the hotel premises.  The place was done up very nicely indeed with an eye for detail.  The furniture and fittings were top class too.