Sunday, September 10, 2006

San Francisco Again!

San Francisco after a zillion years (seems like!)...I was looking forward to it... but had to make a quick stop at Santa Monica first. Singapore Airlines again, and the upgraded security checks weren't as bad as I had thought they would be. Didn't buy any 'liquids' though, this time
Strangely wasn't able to sleep through the flights this time, like I usually do...ended up watching the Da Vinci Code (not bad, even though I had read the book), XMen III (gr8), and The Sentinel (you can miss this one; time Micheal Douglas retired gracefully...he's no Clint Eastwood)...

BTW, if you are travelling Business Class, you should try some of the local food they always serve in the Kris Flyer lounge...I really liked some of the Fish-ball Soup thingy I found there... also the Curried Vegetables and Fish that they have for breakfast.

I was in the Doubletree at Santa Monica; closer to the 3rd Street Promenade and walked down during the evening... Puzzle Zoo on the 3rd Street has some real cool toys and games for kids (3-10 yrs); I always get something for Nandini when I am here...

Went to Monsoon Cafe for dinner...great place... had Sake for the first time...didn't know what to expect, but liked it... warmed me up enough to not feel the cooler night as I walked back to the hotel...

San Francisco was chilly (always seems to be that way during the evenings). The hotel (St. Regis) was great: 24-hour butler service, two plasma tvs, everything controlled from one bedside panel, etc., etc... it's fun when you stay at these expensive hotels, especially so when someone else is paying :)

The ambience at the bar was great...flames all around, black and amber...and the restaurant at the lobby level serves great Fusion food (Japanese-American) too.

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