Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Moonshine Grill

After an intense day-long meeting that began at 8AM and ended only at 7PM, we walked down three blocks (from the Four Seasons) to the Moonshine Grill. Everyone chose Texan beer, while I decided to go with martinis. Their 'corn-dog' shrimps are truely unique and taste great and I finally got to eat fried green tomatoes (seen that movie?), but the entree took the cake that day!
Moonshine Grill AustinI decided to go Texan and ordered their Texan Flat Iron Steak, which the waiter said was his favorite item on the menu and also the most popular! When I said I wanted it well-done, he gave me a very disapproving look. And so, I decided (for the first time) to have it cooked 'medium-rare'. I have to admit the steak was fantastic; better than any steak I have had before!

That was followed by some great desserts that I could only sample: skillet apple pie with maple ice-cream, white chocolate bread pudding, etc.).

Everyone was looking happy and contended after that dinner as we walked out into the cold evening to our hotel.

BTW, I surprise many when I polish off Texan-sized dinners with elan! After I had polished off a large serving of Fajitas at a Mexican diner called On the Border in Dallas, our waiter couldn't help exclaiming "I am proud of you, man! Who would have thought a small guy like you can finish off that!". Since he was a towering, big, black guy, I didn't protest at being called 'small' :-)

Santa MonicaI had a very early morning flight to catch to Los Angeles, but was able to sleep on the flight. My work got done by early afternoon and I strolled down to Santa Monica Place and the 3rd Street Promenade. With the Holiday Season around the corner, the malls and streets are lit up, decorated and there is festivity already in the (cold) air.

I decided to have some Thai food at a place called the Yangzte Express. I ordered something called Fire Rice (very accurately named), and I swear I had smoke coming out of my ears by the time I got done!

Santa MonicaThis has been a long trip away from home, and I am very happy to be catching my return flight back home tonight.


Yuri said...

That last photo in this post is awesome :) .. now you have to check myspace @

indicaspecies said...

"BTW, I surprise many when I polish off Texan-sized dinners with elan!"

I must dine with you sometime!