Monday, February 19, 2007

Dream Ice-Creams

That I have all sweet teeth doesn't surprise my friends. Bengalis are known to be great lovers of sweets, and I am no exception. Therefore, I never miss the dessert menu when I travel and one of the things I have been sampling is the ice-creams around the world.

I had earlier posted about the delights you can sample at the Marble Slab Creamery in the US, which in my opinion is the best ice-cream experience in that country. While in China and Japan, I tasted green-tea flavored ice-creams for the first time.

Then there are the 'non-ice-creams': frozen yoghurts and the Italian gelatos that have begun to show up in India finally. I don't think they come close to their creamier cousins in taste; but if you are watching calories, this is your only (good) option!

Recently, at the Oberoi in Mumbai, I had to select from an interesting ice-cream menu that listed the following: Green Tea and Candied Ginger, Wasabi and Carmelized Brown Sugar, Kashmiri Vanilla Beans, Butterscotch, Roast Hazelnut Praline,Star Anise and Rambutan. Sounds exotic, huh?

Yesterday, I was presented with 'fried' ice-creams in caramel at Mainland China, one of my favorite restaurants in Pune which was celebrating the Chinese New Year with a special menu.

However, my personal favourite remains Natural, the ice-cream brand which is sold in their own outlets in the Pune-Mumbai region. These are made with fresh Indian fruits and taste like no other I have ever tasted. Flavors include Chikoo, Tender Coconut, Fig, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Sitaphal (custard apple).


shuchika said...

this has to be a bong blog.

Good food & good living in such doses

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the Alphonso Mango flavor this coming season at Natural. Its heavenly !


Sank said...

Marble slab? No no no no... When you're next in St Paul please send me a note and I'll send you to Ice Cream Nirvana...


Once upon a time when original Natural Icecream was only at Juhu. I was used to go all the way to eat TEder Coconut and Sitafal. ( I stay near The Oberoi, Nariman Point)