Monday, March 26, 2007

The Trip Back Home

The duration between my trips to the US keeps getting shorter! I have set a new personal record with just two weeks between my trip to Orlando and this one. BTW, the US has (finally) begun introducing exit procedures when you leave the country. In San Francisco airport, there are now automated machines where you can scan your visa/passport to record your exit.

San Francisco AirportWhile awaiting the departure of my flight to Singapore, I noticed some wonderful murals in the new (?) Terminal G of San Francisco International Airport. The first one is by Juana Alicia and Emmanuel Catarino Montoya called Sanctuary depicting the arrival of immigrants and drawing similarities with migrating birds. The mural is painted in Fresco Buono, an ancient technique that mixes pigment directly into wet plaster.

San Francisco AirportThe second is a ceramic tile mosiac by Rigo, called Thinking by Balmy Alley, of a solitary boy totally absorbed in the art of painting, and is inspired by a mural (since destroyed) painted in 1993 by the artist and local youth in Balmy Alley, located in the mission district of San Francisco.

I had six hours to kill at Singapore Airport which gave me enough time to write up most of these blog entries in the lounge, take a shower, and enjoy some Chwee Kueh and hot wonton noodle soup, before taking the flight to Mumbai.

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