Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Work or Play, Pune Rocks!

The Economic Times' survey today rated Pune as the #1 city in western India to live and work (Mumbai is #2). As per today's ET, the city tops the list in the earnings category (ie., per capita income, job opportunities, employment growth), as an investment destination, and is the 2nd most favored place to live in.

The survey underlines what we (who live here) already knew! This city with a population of 5.13 million is now one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Of the 100,000 people coming into the city every year, about 30% join the manufacturing sector, while 60% enter new-economy industries (IT, biotech, etc.).

Update, Oct 2008: Pune will soon acquire the status of being a metropolitan city in India. According to an Assocham report on ‘The 7th emerging metro city in India’ it owes its upgradation to a fast development pace in the area of infrastructural facilities, friendly business environment, education avenues and employment opportunities.

The report says Pune has a literacy rate of 80.73%, 26 malls & multiplexes, and 17 star category hotels.


Sank said...

Congratulations. Next time I'm in India I'll make it a point to stop in Pune. (BTW thanks to my business partner and buddy Debesh for pointing out to me when I mentioned it that it's not Pune as in rhymes with Zune, rather it's Pune as in Pun-ay. And now I know)

Anonymous said...

@sank: Please do! BTW, Pune is also known by it's earlier moniker, Poona.

Bee Lee said...

I wasn't aware of it ... Cool :-)

Anonymous said...

@beelee: It's been quite a change during the last few years, from a quiet city to retire in to a bustling boom-town.


Yes. We are all proud of it.
I have my second home in Pune, and planing to migrate to Pune eventully.

next year I am sending my son to Pune for education .

Anonymous said...

@harekrishnaji: That is an increasing phenomenon. A lot of people now live and work in Mumbai, while keeping a vacation/retirement home in Pune.