Sunday, December 09, 2007

Norwegian Troll Visits Pune

Norwegian Troll in Pune IndiaA troll came visiting today from distant Norway. My blog-friend, RennyBA, had sent him my way! Renny is a prolific blogger and a strong believer in the power of social networking and the Internet: He blogs about life, food and culture of his country, Norway. He even met his wife online, and his blog was recently rated as among the top three European blogs of 2007.

Fellow muggles who don't know much about trolls, here's a quick starter course for you:

Troll from Norway1. Trolls have long crooked noses, only four fingers and toes on each limb, and most of them have a bushy tail.

2. Trolls live in the icy mountains of the North, and only come out after sunset. Sunlight makes them crack or turn into stone.

3. Trolls can be big (almost gaints) or small: mine is a small fella, as you can see in the picture here. :-)

4. Trolls have super-natural abilities and sometimes lure men by turning themselves into beautiful young girls. Tip: When in doubt check their behinds, because they are unable to hide their bushy tail! :-)

5. If you keep them happy, they can make your livestock yield much milk and get fat and sleek. That's why people put a bowl of porridge in the barn for them during Chistmas Eve.

Alrighty then. That should keep you safe when you visit the icy North on your next Norwegian trip. Thanks, Renny for the wonderful gesture!


RennyBA said...

I'm so glad you've got your Norwegian Troll and how well you've presented this famous fellow. I'm sure it'll bring you luck and keep you happy too:-)

I sent it just some days ago, so we aren't that long from each other after all:-)

Thanks also for your compliment. Yes, I do believe in networking and meeting you is an example of its advantages.

beaverboosh said...

Hey Shantanu,
Norway is also the home of many tunnels for roads and motorways, and tunnels are a prime habitat for trolls.
Many thousands of trolls are displaced every year due to man's requirements for new tunnels and are re-settled in less favourable habitats!
Unfortunately, this is the unsightly side of the Norwegian news that never makes the foreign press.

beaverboosh said...

P.S. Pune District is the same polulation asNorway! Cool eh!

Anonymous said...

@rennyba: Thanks once more! And yes, it is cliched but the world is getting smaller. :-)

@beaverboosh: Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the additional info on trolls. Ha ha, yes that's India for you: heavily populated everywhere!

Bong Mom said...

And I thought they are ones who spammed the blog comment section !!! He ia cute in a weird way...the troll

Anonymous said...

@sandeepa: Heh! But of course. :-)

Lakshmi said...

I have read about trolls in fairy tales..let me read more

Anonymous said...

@backpakker: Yes, when not in the fairy-tales, they hang around in the blogworld. :-D