Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roller Ice-Cream, Anyone?

Roller Ice-creamHaving run out of inspiration, many Indian chefs and restaurants have begun rediscovering street-food. I remember finding tilliwali kulfi, kulfi ice-cream on a stick at Masala Art restaurant in the Taj New Delhi. Then I was offered golas for dessert at another reception in a five-star hotel in Mumbai. And now roller ice-creams!

I was at an industry event in Mumbari early this year. The evening reception turned out to be a classy affair with elegant tables and setting, entertainment program that included Shiamak Davar's dance-troupe and a performance by a group of children who had won the national dance award on a tv channel.

NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010
NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010
NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010
NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010Dinner was an elaborate spread of Indian, oriental and western food. All prepared well by the wonderful chefs at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. It was however, the dessert section that was interesting. First the roller ice-cream, and then the earthern pot of hot milk flavored with saffron and topped with slivers of almonds.

NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010
NASSCOM gala dinner Feb 2010For those who haven't seen roller ice-cream before, it is a huge slab of ice-cream in the shape of a drum which revolves. You scrape layers of ice-cream from it on to your bowl. Like I said, interesting...memories of childhood days!


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice .. I recently had this roller ice cream in one of the wedding that I had been too.. They even flavoured it with mango by slicing the mango and rubbing it on the ice cream as it rolls :) ..

Shantanu said...

@Shalini: Now that sounds interesting!

Unknown said...

Hi Shantanu,

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