Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To Old Favorites

Bahn Ham at The Slanted DoorAmerican cities were designed with the assumption that everyone has a car. So much so, I suspect the car industry had an hand in city planning in this country. There are a few exceptions though: New York City and San Francisco being two that immediately come to mind. San Francisco is best appreciated when you walk around its downtown and waterfront areas.

In the few days I spend here during my frequent visits to this city, I rarely take a taxi to get to a restaurant. Which limits my options, but given the number of dining choices this city has, it isn't much of a problem.

The Slanted DoorI was back again at The Slanted Door for lunch one Sunday morning. It was August 15th, Independence Day in India. I had stayed propped up in bed with my iPad late into the morning watching episodes of The Gates. I noticed the Farmers' Market wasn't open today for some reason. As always, there was a long line waiting for tables at the Hog Island Oyster Co.

I ordered a glass of German Riesling and Bahn Nam. The steaming hot rice dumplings with pork and dried shrimp is wrapped in banana leaf before being steamed. Very slippery stuff that took some effort in getting to my mouth with chopsticks!

Flank Steak with noodles at The Slanted DoorThe Niman ranch flank steak with rice noodles was quite fantastic. The taste and feel of crushed peanuts went well with the excellently seasoned meat.

I ended with a Midnight Cake before walking back in the cool wind blowing in from the water.

Midnight Cake at The Slanted DoorOn another night, I slipped into Annabelle's Bistro, right next to my hotel. The hearty beef barley soup with carrots and peas felt good, especially since the evening had gotten a little cold.

Beef Barley Soup at Annabelle's BistroThe King Salmon on a bed of Romaine lettuce, pimenta cake and sundried tomatoes was reasonably good. I realized I had left my wallet behind and had to run to my hotel so I could pay them!

Salmon at Annabelle's BistroI made trips to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion, Osha and Chez Papa Resto too during the week. Great places for quick lunches all of them if you are in the SoMa area. Also, discovered a good Indian restaurant in Burlingame, Roti. Very good sheek kababs, roti, and dal. And a decent wine list too.


kyh said...

oh those look good! ;)

that's the main difference between america and europe - car-centric and the other, pedestrian-centric!

Shantanu said...

@kyh: Hey! Good to see you back here again.