Saturday, May 28, 2011

California Vacation: More San Diego

San Diego Sea WorldWhen in San Diego, a trip to the Zoo is a must. So, there we were in the morning, immediately rewarded by the sight of georgeous peacocks strutting around the entrance area. Peacocks in the wild shy away from humans; however, the ones here obviously enjoy the attention. They preened and strutted around like catwalk models until the sun began to rise and the day got warmer.

San Diego ZooSan Diego Zoo is a great place for children. The zoo is divided into multiple theme-based zones and the animals are housed in well-designed enclosures. There are trails that wind through the habitats - some on two levels so you get a 'tree-top' view in addition to the view from the ground-level making for an excellent viewing experience, especially in the aviaries and the enclosures for monkeys.

San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo
San Diego ZooWe spent a day at Sea World watching Shamu and the other shows. The one I liked the most was the Sea Lions show which combined a smart script and good actors along with the sea-lions.

San Diego Sea WorldThe evenings were spent strolling the waterfront near our hotel and dining at different places nearby under the open skies. We also met up with some old friends after a very long time and the time we spent together was a highlight of this visit to San Diego. Finally, it was time to say goodbye and get on a flight to San Francisco before heading back home.

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