Saturday, July 09, 2011

Michael Mina at Las Vegas

Botanical Gardens of the BellagioI have dined at Michael Mina's signature restaurant in San Francisco before, but this was my first visit to his eponymous dining place at Las Vegas within The Bellagio. Located right in the botanical gardens with its carnival atmosphere, this place brings together all his popular dishes under one roof within Sin City. I continue to appreciate the knowledgeable waitstaff at Michael Mina's restaurants who never seem overbearing or uptight.

Michael Mina at VegasMy salad was a standout. Market Greens with roasted beet, caramelized goat cheese and almonds mixed together into a sensory heaven. I have a thing for goat-cheese, but this one was exceptional: liberal chunks which had been caramelized very effectively.

Salad at Michael MinaThe Lobster Pot-pie, a Michael Mina staple, was very good too but the size of the dish was rather overwhelming. Envious glances all around us as the waiter brought out the pot, then ceremoniously cut the pie crust on the top releasing the steaming contents inside. The succulent large pieces of lobster with its sauce and vegetables in all its glory was a sight to behold. On the palate, the dish didn't disappoint either - rich and creamy with the pie crust providing texture while the lobster tail was everything you desire from a freshly prepared crustacean!

Lobster Pot Pie at Michael Mina
Lobster Pot Pie at Michael Mina
Lobster Pot Pie at Michael MinaWe ended with a sampler-sized dessert of their famous Root Beer Float. All in all, a pretty good Michael Mina experience without having to walk out of my hotel - if you can call The Bellagio that!

Root Beer Float at Michael MinaIncidentally, even some of the smaller eating establishments within The Bellagio can be satisfying. If you are here on a weekend, try the special dim sum lunch at Noodles during lunch. I thought the dim sums were pretty good and so was the wonton noodle soup I tried one day. Completely revived me from the jet-lag - at least for a while. :)

Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Caesars Palace Las VegasStrolling through the mammoth precincts that is Caesars Palace, I discovered the Forum Shops area with its artificial skies and Roman facades - there is also a large aquarium here, which would be popular with your kids - that is, if you are foolish enough to travel to Sin City with them!

Caesars Palace Las VegasThen there is Cleopatra's Barge, with its imperial boat for cocktails, music and dance in an unique surrounding. The Pussycat Girls lounge and gaming area with its lingerie-clad pole-dancers and of course, Pure - the sprawling mega nightclub at Caesars.

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