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RN74 in San FranciscoIf you are looking for a hyper-trendy, sophisticated restaurant for an evening of drinks and dinner in San Francisco, RN74 may be just the place for you! Flickering candles, colored glass and loads of atmosphere characterize this offering from Michael Mina.  Incidentally, this place gets its name from a highway in Burgundy.
I had actually planned to walk over to Boulevard, a restaurant I like visiting occasionally.  I happened to pass by RN74 and couldn't resist trying it out.

RN74 can be called a wine-bar and a restaurant rolled into one.  However, the prices of their wines are quite astronomical.  However, the food was creative, indulgent and highly satisfying.

Now that time is ticking for Foie Gras in California, I decided to go ahead in indulge in this luxury while it still lasted.  The Foie Gras Terrine was exquisitely presented, with strawberries, black truffle, black walnuts, duck prosciutto and brioche.  Doesn't get much better than this!  This was also one of the largest portions of foie gras I have seen served as a starter.  The rich, velvety dish was perfect on the palate.  Also, I felt less guilty since I had worked out and only eaten a Caesar Salad for lunch. :)

Foie Gras at RN74
Between courses, the waiter brought me an amuse from the chef:  a small serving of tuna tartare with pine nuts and heart of palm.

Tuna Tartare amuse at RN74
For my mains, I had chosen the Grilled California White Sturgeon.  The fish was served with Asparagus, Potato Rosti, Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Meyer Lemon.  This dish came with a side of Mussels Billi-bi, a wonderfully flavored soup.
Grilled Sturgeon at RN74
While sturgeons are popularly harvested as a source of caviar, their flesh is quite delectable too.  Fun fact: In England, sturgeons are classified as royal fish along with whales and every one that is caught becomes the property of the Royal Crown!

The fish was very interesting; fresh, flaky and interestingly contrasted with the steamed mussel soup.

Mussel soup side with the sturgeon at RN74
Overall, a great experience.  I would recommend RN74 for those who are like drinking and dining in a hip and stylish setting.  But be ready to spend big if you drink a lot of wine.

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