Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Dining Options - Part I

Sarson Ka Saag at Punjab GrillJiggs Kalra's Punjab Grill opened in Pune.  And boy, has that improved the quality of North Indian dining in town!  Having been here three times already, I can say with confidence that this is now clearly the high-bar in Pune for North Indian kababs and curries.

The Murgh Tikkas at this restaurant are completely extraordinary. Wonderfully marinated and grilled, these simple kababs showcase the expertise of master-chef Jiggs Kalra.

Murgh Tikka at Punjab Grill, Pune

Another winner is the Sarson Ka Saag with Makkai Ki Roti, a Punjabi speciality you have to try.  The mustard greens are blended with garlic and spices into a mouth-watering rendition of this homely dish.

Sarson Ka Saag at Punjab Grill, Pune

The gosht biryani was good too; I didn't care about it as compared to the other dishes, but my wife loved it, especially because she found it less oily than in other restaurants.

Biryani at Punjab Grill, Pune

The desserts are another highlight of this restaurant!  Both the Kulfi Falooda and the Dessert Sampler are completely lip-smacking.  The Dessert Sampler has small portions of what much be the best phirni, a gulab jamun with molten chocolate within, and a litchi rabdi.

Dessert Sampler at Punjab Grill, Pune

Please note that portions are very large at Punjab Grill as compared to other restaurants.  Therefore, order carefully.

Kulfi at Punjab Grill, Pune

ZK's is now Zaheer Khan's now.  We also have Zaheer's larger-than-life poster welcoming you into his eponymous restaurant at Phoenix Market City now.

Jal Jeera at ZK's

While the restaurant is quite large, they are never crowded.  I guess people aren't quite sure what ZK's truly stands for.

Sprout Salad at ZK's

I ordered a Mixed Sprouts Salad, Jal Jeera, Shammi Kababs and Murgh Biryani. The Jal Jeera was nicely served and the Shammi Kababs were a pleasant surprise.  You rarely find this kabab in menus in Pune; I remember a time when special dinners in Lucknow always meants biryani with Shammi Kababs.  The Shammi Kababs were also rendered perfectly by the chef.

Shammi Kababs at ZK's

The biryani wasn't too exciting.  The Fruit Cream we ordered for dessert was very ordinary too.

Fruit Cream at ZK's

Biryani at ZK's

In general, there is nothing one can find fault with at ZK's; however, this place needs a few 'specials' they can boast about.


Anonymous said...

Nice! If I ever visit Pune, I'll check your blog for recommendations.

Lazy Pineapple said...

Not been to Punjab grill yet. Those tikkas look absolutely to die for :)

Will make a trip there soon.

I have read bad reviews about ZK's so have not tried to venture there.

Sandip said...

Punjab Grill menu looks yummy! :)
must try that next time I am there...

Shantanu said...

@wehearttravelling, @LazyPineapple, @Sandip: Thank you for the comments.

priyadarshan said...

Few months back I visited Punjab Grill in Palladium Mall , Mumbai & found nothing great about it. Punjab Grill in Oberoi was too good.

I am in Pune this week . May visit Punjab Grill