Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Best French Toast

French Toast at La BoulangeLa Boulange has been a favourite of mine for a while. I guess I am not alone; its rising popularity in the Bay Area recently led Starbucks to buy this boutique bakery that has outlets all over Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  While its French pastries, breads and sandwiches are excellent, it is their French Toast I find truly outstanding.

French Toast at most places turn out to sandwich bread soaked in whisked egg and fried.  However, I have been surprised more than once and in the most expected places.  I remember being served a very good rendition of this dish at The Westin in San Francisco.  The difference was the thick slice of brioche bread with a thin crisp layer of whisked egg, served with a liberal helping of berries.

French toast at The Westin SF

However, the spectacular French Toast at La Boulange has no peer!  The dish made of a thick circular slice of bread comes out with a thin, crisp brown layer on the top, but with a soft custardy bottom that is completely extraordinary.  A bowl of fresh fruit and berries completes the dish.

La Boulange

No trip to the Bay Area is any longer complete for me without a breakfast at a La Boulange restaurant that includes French Toast and a hot cup of cappuccino!

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