Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Best Kababs

Punjab Grill - Bhatti Da MurghNow that I have had the chance to visit both Paasha and Punjab Grill multiple times, my considered view is they are both a tie for the best kabab place in town.  Of course, this isn't really an apples to apples comparison.  Paasha is a fancy upscale lounge and restaurant located at the newly re-branded JW Marriott hotel, while Punjab Grill is located within the Phoenix Market City shopping mall.  Though Punjab Grill is by no means down-market, Paasha is clearly the more fancier and the more expensive one.

Punjab Grill - Tandoori Broccolli

I returned to Punjab Grill on a weekend to sample a few different kababs.  This time I sampled the excellent Bhatti Da Murg and Tandoori Broccoli.  I have to say that both these kababs were just excellent.  The Tandoori Brocolli was unexpectedly outstanding.

Punjab Grill - Dessert Platter

Of course, as these pictures suggest, the desserts were completely tantalizing too.

Punjab Grill - Kulfi

Paasha has chic lounge and bar area on the rooftop of the JW Marriott.  Mood-lighting, lounge music, quiet surroundings and great kababs can make this a great date destination for late evenings. For larger groups and a larger food menu, you can move indoors.

Shikampuri Kababs at Paasha

I loved their Shikampuri Kababs, a fancier version of Shammi Kababs which are increasingly difficult to find on menus in Pune.  These were perfectly turned out.

The Tandoori Chaap was pretty good too, as were their Sheek Kababs.  Strangely, it was their cocktails that left me wanting more.  My Manhattan and my wife's Cosmo should have had more alcohol in them.  They did make me a perfect Dirty Martini though.

Kulfi at Paasha

So there you are kabab lovers in Pune!  Paasha for that special evening in an upscale setting, but Punjab Grill for an equally appetising fare where you can combine some quick shopping too.

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