Saturday, March 02, 2013

Incognito in Pune

Sole fish with salsa at Incognito PuneIncognito, like its name suggests, is difficult to locate in bustling Phoenix City Market, the new shopping destination in Pune. The unusual name is coupled with a warm atmosphere surrounded by eclectic bric bracs from another time that also includes a selection of hardcover books in one corner.  This restaurant has become my family's most visited eating place in the last few months!

Both the cocktail and food menus are a creative selection of dishes from around the world.  While I have stayed away from Indian dishes, everything I have tried so far has been great.  Also, food served here is plated in a pleasing manner and the waiters are fairly knowledgeable about the menu - something that is a rarity in Pune restaurants.

Incognito Pune

We ordered a portion of Nachos with cheese which was fresh, warm and tasty.  The garnishing of tomato, jalapeno and black olives was just right.

Nachos with cheese at Incognito Pune

We also ordered the Baked Potato Skins topped with a delicious layer of goodies, red peppers and cheese.  This one is a personal favorite that I always indulge in when I am here.

Potato Skins at Incognito Pune

Another favourite that I strongly recommend is the Warm Cajun Chicken Salad.  We didn't order it on this day and therefore I don't have a picture, but if you like spicy and salads, you will love this one!
The Thai curries are a winner too.  They have the Green and Red curries in two portions.  Even the 'plated' portion, which is the smaller one, is quite ample for a filling meal.  This time, my daughter ordered the Red Curry and it was perfect.

Thai red curry at Incognito Pune

Finally, the burgers and club sandwiches are fantastic too and very filling I soon found out!  My wife's sole fish with salsa with a side of herbed rice was pretty goo too.

Sandwiches and Burgers of Incognito Pune

We didn't do desserts this time, but on another visit a week earlier we had a great time celebrating the mango season with lots of fresh Alphonso with vanilla ice-cream.  Some of their other desserts are very good too.  No surprise, since the owners are best known by old-timers in Pune as the owners of Baker's Basket, a chain of bakery and dessert shops in the city.

Overall,  a wonderful place to rest your feet and indulge your tastebuds after a hectic round of shopping here. They also serve draught beer...the one minor annoyance was their beer glasses - they ought to have real mugs!

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