Saturday, April 20, 2013

Michael Mina Once Again

Squid Ink pasta at Michael Mina SFI have visited and written about Michael Mina's eponymous restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas before.  Earlier, his signature restaurant in San Francisco was housed within the St. Francis hotel.  Two years ago, he recently moved this restaurant to the current location, where Aqua once existed and where he began his culinary career.

I remember having a wonderful dinner here when they had just moved to this location. Unlike the last time, I was alone today and therefore decided to seat myself at the bar. It was early in the evening, and the restaurant took some time to fill up.  Within an hour, the lounge and bar had no free seats left.

Michael Mina SF

Michael Mina describes the food here as a melding of his sensibilities with Japanese ingredients and French influence.

Lobster porridge at Michael Mina SF

I chose the six-course menu (they also have a nine course option) and the meal started with a portion of Lobster Porridge with slivers of radish.  The portion was ample and the dish exquisite.

Kona Kampachi at Michael Mina SF

The Kona Kampachi sashimi with grapefruit and jelly that came next was good, but not memorable. The squid ink pasta, which came next, with its abundance of seafood and flavours was heavenly and the standout dish for me in this meal (first picture from the top).

Lobster at Michael Mina SF

Then was another winner, the poached Maine lobster, with its delicate flavors perfectly complemented by the pureed sweet corn and green onion.

Duck at Michael Mina SF

The Sonoma County duck was very good.  The duck was served on Chinese black rice and other ingredients that worked very well.

Lamb at Michael Mina SF

I had asked for lamb instead of the filet mignon on the menu.  The dish was quite perfect too.  Interesting plated - on one end of a large white plate - with wasabi peas.

Sweet somethings at Michael Mina SF

The sweet ending consisted of two dessert amuses: a cake and hibiscus jelly followed by a chocolate ganache.

Chocolate ganache at Michael Mina SF

Throughout, the service and atmosphere at the restaurant and bar was top-notch and classy.  There was no mistaking that I was in one of the more fancy restaurants in town.  The food at Michael Mina always satisfies too.

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