Saturday, June 08, 2013

More M.Y.China & Hakkasan

Hakkasan, San FranciscoWhile M.Y.China by no means tries to be authentic, I like their cocktails, dim sums and hand-made noodles.  Given the always chilly and windy San Francisco weather, I pop in here fairly frequently during my monthly business trips to this lovely city.

It was here, under the great bronze bell they carted all the way from a monastery in China, that I tasted my spiciest cocktail.  Called Fire in the Wok, this one is tequila spiced up and garnished with a red pepper!

M.Y.China in San Francisco

Fire in the Wok at M.Y.China in San Francisco

Hakkasan continues to have the most stylishly presented Chinese dishes ever!  As any of you Vegas addicts would know, they have pretty much tied up the music and party scene there now.  While tables there go for an insane $10,000 a night, you can get a taste of their style for much lower.

Hakkasan SF

After my mandatory dim sum starter, I decided to try their version of the lamb chops. While the lamb was good, I am not sure I enjoyed it with XO sauce.  I still think the Greek version at Evvia is the best one ever.

Lamb Chops in XO sauce at Hakkasan

Chinese greens at Hakkasan SF

Finally, the exquisite Chocolate Orange dessert.  With citrus chocolate mousse, blood orange and gianduja ice cream.  I will let the pictures speak.  I can assure you the taste was every bit as appetising too.

Chocolate Orange at Hakkasan SF

Chocolate Orange at Hakkasan SF

So, if you are in the Union Square area and craving Chinese food, you could do much worse than pop into one of these two places.

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