Saturday, July 06, 2013

Back to the Bistro

Cheesecake at Bistro, PuneWe recently decided to take a weekend off from our routine chores.  Oakwood Premier, which is located close by, turned out to a perfect place for this.  With its stylishly appointed 'homes within a hotel', this place can be great to get some time out for families within the city or those looking to escape Mumbai for a few days.

Located in Koregan Park, this hotel has everything you need.  We stayed in a one-bedroom 'apartment' within the hotel premises.  The place was done up very nicely indeed with an eye for detail.  The furniture and fittings were top class too.

Bistro, Oakwood Premier, Pune

Room at Oakwood Premier Pune

Most of all, we loved the restaurants: Sen5es and Bistro.

At Bistro, during lunch, we started off on their version of Buffalo Wings.  Not quite what you would expect in the USA, the wings were nevertheless pretty good.

Spicy Wings at Bistro, Oakwood Premier Pune

My wife decided to try their Chilean Seabass, which was served on a bed of risotto and cooked to perfection.  And that large smoky bowl you see in the picture?  The dish came covered with it, after which they lifted it off with a flourish.  If you wanna impress a girl, you now know what to order for her.

Chilean Sea bass at Bistro Pune

I went with - no surprises - a rack of lamb.  The dish was served with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes.  Made for a great meal!

Lamb Chops at Bistro Pune

Finally, we decided to go with the chef's recommendation and try their cheesecake.  I was quite amazed by how good it was.  I haven't had a better cheesecake in Pune.  If you love them, this is where you wanna come and try it.


Renuka said...

Nice! Very delectable food!

Shantanu said...

@Renuka: Sure is. :)