Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare TavernAnother restaurant. Another celebrity chef.  Chef/owner Tyler Florence is well-known to viewers of the Food Channel and has several cookbooks in his name as well.  Wayfare Tavern is his culinary outpost where he brings to life traditional American food in very interesting surroundings.  The animal heads on the walls, the gold eagles on their plates, the pewter plates and curved Windsor chairs all add up to a lot of atmosphere.

Wayfare Tavern

They brought me some lovely popovers, an American version of the Yorkshire Pudding.  I ordered the Butter Lettuce Salad, the recipe of which the chef borrowed from the Palace Hotel - a very special recipe from the 1800s.  I loved it!  The salad was light, fresh, and the combination of tarragon, radish and the 'Greek Goddess' dressing made it wonderfully textured and tasty on the palate.

Butter Lettuce Salad at Wayfare Tavern

I had to order the Organic Fried Chicken next. That is probably their most popular dish going by the reviews on Yelp!  The dish with five pieces of chicken is made with buttermilk brine, crispy herbs, large roasted pods of garlic and comes with slices of lemon to top the dish with. The chicken was nicely flavoured from the thyme and rosemary woven through the length of the chicken pieces, but felt a little greasy to me.

Organic Fried Chicken at Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare Tavern

Some of the other items people rave about here are the devilled eggs and the steak tartare.  Hopefully, I will make another trip here soon. Wayfare Tavern is a great place to soak up the masculine old American atmosphere as you indulge in some familiar American comfort food.

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