Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gourmet Bites

Wild Nettle Soup at Ame, San FranciscoI ate at several new restaurants around the world during the past few months.  Some I have written about, but others never got their own post.  I also had a chance to return back to some old favourites.  Here’s a round up on the best experiences of the last six months.

Warm Pimento Cheese and Duck Confit Salad at Blue Stem Brasserie:  This restaurant on Market Street, San Francisco is a favourite.  The cheese served with roasted veggies was a perfect (though rich) warm up for the wonderfully sinful Confit Salad.

Warm Pimento Cheese at Blue Stem Brasserie, San Francisco

Moscow Mule followed by Pork Prime Rib Chop at Boulevard.  This Michelin starred restaurant in San Francisco near the Ferry Building continues to delight.  Suddenly the drink of the moment, the Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug (often stolen and therefore watched closely by restaurant and bar owners everywhere).

Boulevard Restaurant, San Francisco

English-inspired food at the Cavalier, another place in favour with the beautiful people of San Francisco.  While English food doesn’t have anywhere as high a place on my culinary ratings, this place can make you change your mind.  If not, their creative cocktails are worth the trip too.

the Cavalier in San Francisco

While at the Cavalier, try the baked oysters with bone-marrow and horse-radish cream followed by pan-seared black cod with dungeness crab, English peas, asparagus and morcilla vinaigrette.  Yup, every bit as lovely on the palate as the description would suggest!

Food at the Cavalier in San Francisco

Hyde Away Blues BBQ in the Tenderloin district of san Francisco.  Discovered this little place after I had a sudden craving of BBQ ribs after watching that episode of the second season of House of Cards. Which is also when I learnt the uniqueness of Memphis style BBQ.

BBQ at Hyde Away Blues, SF

Roast chicken Mexican style at Guapo’s in Washington DC with fried potatoes, la charra beans and Mexican rice.  Quick service, popular with locals, and finger-licking good food. What else can you ask for?

Roast Chicken in Guapo’s DC

Another fantastic dinner at Ame, the Japanese fusion restaurant at the St. Regis in San Francisco.  Wild nettle and spring onion soup with smoked prosciutto and creme fraiche followed by stuffed quail with five spice couscous, mushroom duxelle and braised asparagus.

Stuffed Quail at Ame, SF

Oysters at Ame, SF

Ah, almost forgot the chilled oysters from Japan with lemongrass ginger granita and charred citrus which were lovely too.

Remember the saying, “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch”. Couldn’t have said it better, Orson Welles!

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