Saturday, August 16, 2014

Greek in Pune

It was a pleasant Sunday morning in Pune when we began contemplating lunch.  A quick search on the Internet threw up a new name, and one that seemed to have several fans. Greek food in Pune, really?  That sounded exciting enough to try out.  So off we went to their Sunday lunch buffet. The restaurant itself is a cross between a roadside shack and a real restaurant, which is why I had never noticed it even though it occupies space right on North Main Road between ABC Farms and Hard Rock Cafe.

The walls and decor bear a resemblance to the lovely small Greek houses and restaurants that dot the tiny islands in the Aegean Seas.  The mood lighting adds some more color without being too tacky.

What does detract from a fairly decent selection of food here is the presence of flies all over the buffet tables.  Now, that is really a bad thing for a restaurant that is trying hard to be somewhat upscale.  Some also complain about the lack of air conditioning at this place.

As for the food itself, there were some good options here, especially in the appetizers and live grill sections.  The pasta counter was pretty decent too.  The entire buffet spread turned out to be fairly large but not particularly interesting if you are a vegetarian.  On the other hand, if you enjoy seafood and meat this can be a good place to try when you are in the Koregaon Park area.

Apparently, Euriska is move alive during the late evenings when you can chill out over some of their interesting cocktails over music.  Their cocktail menu is promising and the ambiance during weeknights when there is a younger crowd later in the evening may be the best time to check out this place.  If they can spruce up the rear parts of the restaurants and find a way to provide air-conditioning, the restaurant can go places.

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