Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back In California

As I walked out of San Francisco airport, the sun shone brightly and the weather was nice and warm. I was surprised when my driver mentioned it had actually rained heavily the day before; I couldn't see any sign of rains as we drove to the Cypress in Cupertino. After the long flight, all I wanted was a hot shower and some quiet. So after a quick dinner at the nearby Mandarin Gourmet I was ready to call it a day.

Mandarin Gourmet, CupertinoWithin walking distance of the Cypress, Mandarin Gourmet has a pretty nice ambiance and quick service. The General Tso's Chicken I ordered, made of chicken breast, red bell peppers and dry chillies in a spicy and tangy sauce, was pretty good. This popular dish in American Chinese restaurants is probably unknown in China! Sort of like Veg Manchurian is in Indian Chinese restaurants.

On the flight I had cut down the drone of the jet-engines considerably by replacing the on-board headphones with my own Bose QuietComfort ones. This is tricky on Lufthansa since you have to perform some acrobatic maneuvers to plug in external headphones. I watched Die Hard 4 and Harry Potter 5 on-board, but the one I really enjoyed was the small-budget Bollywood movie Bheja Fry.


Bhavesh said...

Bose earphones wow! I wish I could buy one coz that is one luxury I have always dreamed of wanting to have :-p

Bheja Fry was amazing. Vinay Pathak's one man show was out of the world. A move best enjoyed with a few buddies and a chilled beer laughing their gut out or... maybe with BOSE ear phones!

foodette said...

Welcome back to my state!

Anonymous said...

@justme: Well, Bose headphones are no longer that exclusive. I usually see them pretty often on flights.

@foodette: Thank You! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good flight! I love flying with Lufthansa! I am trying to book a flight with them now while they are having the fare sale! I'll watch out for the headphones!

Anonymous said...

@maye: One of the things I like with Lufthansa is the fact that they have the best connections. Second, if you travel business class, they are among the few who have their new business class cabins all the way to Mumbai.