Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pan Asian

Pan Asian, The Maratha, MumbaiAt The Maratha, Mumbai, I decide to try the highly regarded Pan Asian this time. I have earlier posted about Dakshin and Dum Pukht, two other gourmet restaurants in this hotel.
Pan Asian turns out to be an excellent choice. The massive display kitchens makes for a lively dinner experience, especially for those dining alone (like I am tonight).

Pan Asian, The Maratha, MumbaiThe kitchens showcase delectible cuisines from China, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. This premier upscale restaurant owes its success to two striking factors, the d├ęcor and the authentic cuisine of Chinese Chef Liang. The restaurant also serves a variety of sushi and sashimi.

Pan Asian, The Maratha, MumbaiI choose the steamed Prawn Dumplings followed by Prawn Thai Curry. Both are superb! Very fresh prawns can make a world of difference. The dim-sums are delicious, as is the the Thai curry: a perfect blend of coconut milk, spices, bell peppers, pineapple chunks and large prawns with steamed rice. Today am I pairing the food with a glass of Grover's Cabernet Shiraz.

Dessert consisting of Vanilla Bean ice-cream with Cantonese crisp stuffed coconut pancake makes for a memorable grand finale to a great dining experience.

And fellow Bollywood fans fyi: just when I begin digging into my desserts, in walks Sridevi with some friends. I notice she can still turn heads. :-)


Anonymous said...

Yes, ITC hotels have cracked Asian food. At the Pan-Asian in the Marriott in Delhi, there is a Teppenyaki grill I will heartily recommend.

Also, here is an earlier review of the Zen at Leela Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

@hari nair: You are right. A few years back, all you could find was good Chinese food. Things are a lot different now, esp so in the five-star circuit.

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