Saturday, January 26, 2008

California Yet Again

I will be travelling again to California next week. My last trip to the Bay Area in California was a gourmet's delight. I remember the excellent Thai fare at Krungthai, the large portions at Maggiano's Little Italy, the pot-stickers at California Cafe and the awesome Persian food at newly-opened Arya. Then there was the paella and tapas at Picasso's, my first taste of Cambodian cuisine at Chez Sovan, and the entertaining evening cooking our own food at The Melting Pot.

However, there are so many great restaurants in the Bay Area, I am not going to run out of new places to try. After all, there are more Michelin-rated restaurants here than LA and Vegas. Watch this space!

On a different note, my daughter turned five last week and her birthday party was great fun! The breather from travel during the previous months helped. Last year I was travelling so much, I didn't have time to organize a party for all her. I made up by this time by throwing her a rather big party with a princess theme, a puppet show, many fun games, activities, a clown and a DJ too!

Here's the birthday cake from the party. :-)


AzAzura said...

That is a very funky looking Tiramisu! I hope you will have a great time in California , a place I always wanting to visit.I'll be here waiting for your stories and pictures from there :)

Sig said...

Belated birthday wishes to your daughter... that cake looks great! :) wish you a great trip, waiting for more culinary posts from CA..

RennyBA said...

Happy BD to your daughter, all the way from Norway - great cake!

Wish you a wonderful trip to California - never been there, so please keep me posted!

Zhu said...

Wish you a safe trip and lots of good food!

I just went to a small Chinese place in Chinatown tonight... real Chinese food, atmosphere, a small family restaurant. Had great chaomian and dumplings... loved it!

Shantanu said...

@azazura: California is usually fun! But this time, it's been raining...I hope that stops soon. :-)

@sig: Thank you. I hope to discover some new eat-outs this time too.

@rennyba: Thank you, Renny!

@zhu: That sounds like fun! :-)

backpakker said...


have a great trip..and belated wishes to your daughter..the cake looks yummy ..Ive this sweet tooth :)

indicaspecies said...

Beautiful cake. Kids that age love such themes. Belated birthday greetings to your daughter. :)

You have a good trip Shantanu, and post some pictures from there.

How did you like Cambodian food?

Shaan Khan said...
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Shantanu said...

@backpakker: Thank you! Yes, the cake tasted good too... :-)

@indicaspecies: Cambodian food was good; especially the Fish Amok; follow the link for a detailed review.

@shaan: Thanks for the tip! The weather is quite gloomy here right now with light rains and chill. Let's see how much I get to go out this time.

Shaan Khan said...
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Shaan Khan said...
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RennyBA said...

Hello again dear friend. Hope you still have a great journey. Just here to tell you, I've tagged you again:

Shantanu said...

@shaan: Will do!

@rennyba: Thanks Renny. I will be back in India in a week or so.