Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Delmonico and The Venetian

Venetian Las VegasI landed in Las Vegas on a bright, sunny afternoon. I was back at the Venetian after two years, and this large casino-resort is now even larger with the addition of Palazzo. With over 7000 luxury suites, hundreds of shops and gaming areas, the Venetian-Palazzo complex is now the world's largest resort and hotel complex. Incidentally, the Palazzo under construction featured in an early scene in Ocean's Thirteen.

Delmonico StarterAfter a much-needed hot shower and and a change of clothes, I went out for an early dinner. The Delmonico Steakhouse located within the Venetian seemed like a good choice. Owned and operated by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, Delmonico delivers exciting New Orleans-style cuisine with flair. Specialities include bone-in ribeye steak and double-cut pork chop.

Twelve-foot oak doors open into a comfortable and intimate dining room with vaulted ceilings. A petite grand piano adorns the adjascent lounge and bar area which features French glass doors.

Delmonico SteakI began with an appetizer of ahi tuna and salmon tartare duet served with wasabi aioli and cucumber salad. This turned out to be an excellent choice! I enjoyed alternating between the tuna and salmon, enhanced by the tingling of wasabi on my taste-buds.

I ordered a rib-eye steak for my entree and was surprised by the huge slab of meat that was served to me. This was much larger than the steaks I usually order. The steak was very tasty but was a little over-cooked: I had ordered medium-rare, but I think they cooked it medium. I had ordered steamed brocolli on the side, and that went rather well with the steak.

Delmonico DessertFor dessert, I had a Molten Kahlua Moccachino, which was delightfully rich with dark chocolate brownie, molten chocolate and kahlua topped with a dollop of coffee ice-cream and served in a coffee cup!

I retired early without leaving the hotel. But given how large the hotel is, even the walk from the restaurant to my room took about 10-12 minutes. And did I mention the room itself? The Venetian holds the world record on the largest standard hotel room - each of them over 1000 sq. ft. Here are some pictures of the room. The other cool thing is that two out of the three TVs in the suite are HDTVs and are showing HD movie channels - not that I have time for any this time around. :-)

Venetian Suite

Venetian Suite

Venetian Suite
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indicaspecies said...

What were you sipping as you were tasting the ahi tuna and salmon tartare at Delmonico SH?

I can manage to taste only a speck of wasabi, but need to keep something ready to drink to follow that!

Anonymous said...

@indicaspecies: I think I had a glass of Chauvignon Blanc.