Saturday, April 19, 2008

Off to Vegas!

I am taking off for a three-week trip to Las Vegas and the Bay Area. So, you can expect to see more about these cities here in the coming days.

Until then, here are some Vegas fun facts for you...

  • Gambling was once made illegal here in 1930 (thankfully reversed the very next year!)
  • The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino was the first hotel & casino to open in Vegas - the year was 1906!
  • The Mirage was the first 'mega resort' and opened in 1989 at a cost of $630 million
  • 89% of all visitors gamble in Sin City, with an average gambling budget of $500
  • About 150 couples get married in Las Vegas every day
  • Bugsy Siegel named his casino, The Flamingo, for the long legs of his sweetheart


Anonymous said...

Wishing you an exciting trip - take care (also of your credit cards :lol:) and keep us posted!

beaverboosh said...

Bon voyage! Hope you can make it to French Laundry if you are in the Bay Area. BB

Sig said...

Vegas... I want to say Have fun, but there is no need to... You can't help but have fun... :D Looking forward to the trip reports..

Lakshmi said...

"About 150 couples get married in Las Vegas every day" lol ...I guess thats part of the gamble too ..

have a great trip


Deepti said...

Hope you have a great trip and we'll get some awesome stories too!!!

Anonymous said...

@rennyba: Thank you! Gambling is not of my vices, so no worries. :-)

@beaverboosh: That will be difficult. The French Laundry requires reservations two months in advance.

@sig: Thank you!

@backpakker: Ha ha, you can say that, I guess!

@deepti: Thank you!