Saturday, August 29, 2015

Desi Delights

Mastani at Sujata Mastani PuneSweet lovers have not had it so good in Pune. You have several sweetmeat sellers that conjure up the most delicious classic Rajasthani and Bengali sweets. From expertly made burfis to an authentic ghewar, from fluffy roshogollas to palm sugar sandesh and kheer kadam. You no longer need to trouble friends travelling from Delhi and Kolkata; you can have them all - right here in Pune. For those with a taste for Western delicacies, say a cheesecake or a creme brûlée, you have several great choices too. However, this post is not about these classic desserts, but the ones that have been  crafted and perfected by our street vendors over the years.

Among the most well-known is the Kulfi-Falooda.  If you are near Pune Railway Station, head straight across the street to Shiv Kailash for a taste of Pune’s finest.

Kulfi Falooda at Shiv Kailash Pune

For a more elaborate creation, head to Falahaar in Viman Nagar and ask for their Gulkand Falooda. Layers of ice-cream, falooda (vermicelli, soaked basil seeds and tapioca pearls) flavoured intensely with rose petals make for a heavenly post-dinner treat.

Gulkand Falooda at Falahaar Pune

Finally, who in Pune hasn’t heard of the Mastani, the city own proud creation.  A local sundae, Sujata Mastani’s version is the most famous one here.  Named after the famous queen, the Mango mastani is the clear favourite of their patrons.  While they have several outlets in the city now, their shop in Sadashiv Peth in the old city is where it all begun.  They use the French Pot method for their ice-cream sundaes but without the use of eggs.  The Mango Mastani is intensely flavoured with saffron and topped liberally with dry fruits.  A true indulgence, Puneri style!

Sitafal with Fresh Cream at Falahaar Pune

Jamun Shots at Falahaar Pune

For fruit lovers, Falahaar has a few interesting treats up their sleeve.  Foremost is the Jaman Shots and during season, Sitaphal with Cream.  Try some of these pure desi desserts and I bet you will be hooked!

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