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Food Story and Zamu's

Food Story in Pune For those who never tire of kababs and curries, Pune now has one more excellent destination. Food Story on Boat Club Road brings to you the delectable fare perfected by Nawabi families of Hyderabad in upscale surroundings. For those who prefer good food with a casual old Pune vibe, Zamu’s continues to be a great choice. Lip-smacking sizzlers and Parsi delicacies like Dhansak make it to the table just the way they did 16 years back when I moved into Pune, albeit in surroundings that have undergone a makeover.

Food Story has a rather understated appearance from the outside. However, the luxurious interiors in white, antique silver and purple detailing exudes regal elegance and invites you to to sit back and take your time relishing every dish.  The menu has several unique dishes of Nizami heritage in the meat-lovers section, but there are surprising innovations in the vegetarian section too.

Selected kababs at Food Story Pune

My first experience was during a week-day lunch, when they have a fixed Executive Lunch menu that allows you to try a few of their kababs, curries, breads and biryani at a very reasonable price. This quickly became a favourite with me. Among the rather interesting creations from their menu is the exquisite Shikampuri Kabab, a refined version of the better known Shammi Kabab - just like the Kakori Kabab is to a more ordinary Sheek Kabab.

More kababs at Food Story Pune

If you do try their a la carte menu, you may want to check out the Haleem, a festive time favourite and rarely on restaurant menus in Pune. The Patthar Ka Gosht and Gosht Dacha are other unusual dishes I recommend. Their biryanis and dal too have variety rarely found elsewhere in Pune.

Food Story in Pune

Having eaten here multiple times, I can also say the quality of their food and service stay consistently top-notch. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!  Chef Shaikh Arif Ahmed has succeeded in executing a menu that is both intriguing and delightful at the same time.

Zamu’s Pune

Zamu’s Pune

Only a couple of block away from Food Story is Zamu’s.  This restaurant has been serving its patrons since much before this area developed into an upscale restaurant hub.  I was introduced to Sizzlers only when I came to Pune, and this was one of my favourite places for that, and it still is.

Chicken Gregory with condiments, Zamu’s Pune

During Parsi festive days, Zamu’s is filled with Parsi families celebrating with their traditional food. On other days, this is a great place to hangout with friends over beer and a sizzling plate of meat and accompaniments.  They now offer a 3-Step Sizzer which allows you to customise your Sizzler plate in a hundred different ways and is the best way to sample this local comfort food.

Caramel Custard at Zamu’s Pune

I love the Chicken Gregory combined with stir-fried veggies, fries and burnt-garlic rice along with pepper garlic sauce.  Another more traditional sizzler, is the Masala Chicken Shashlik.  If you care for a starter, try their old favourite, Mushrooms in Garlic sauce and remember to keep some space for another of their old favourites, the Caramel Custard.

As for their Parsi fare, this is the place to sample a Dhansak with a mutton gravy.  It is completely delicious but be aware the serving is a very large one.  A perfect dish for a lazy Sunday lunch that is guaranteed to make you want to nap right after!

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