Thursday, May 10, 2007

El Torito by the Bay

San Franscisco MarriottSan Francisco was at it's hottest ever! I had a day to spend here before taking a flight back home. I was at the Airport Marriott and you can't hope for a better location for a business hotel.

The Marriott is about twenty feet from the sea-side, with the airport runway directly ahead separated from the hotel by a stretch of water. You can see hotel guests lounging in the gardens watching flights land and take off. The view is amazing! In the picture of the hotel here, you can see the windows reflecting the sea and the airport beyond.

I could vaguely remember having strolled down to a very good Mexican restaurant many years earlier when I was last in this hotel. I decided to trace my steps again for an early dinner and there it was. The restaurant is called El Torito. I ordered their signature Cadillac Margarita with the Flaming Fajitas Supreme.

El Torito, San FransciscoThe Margarita is made of Premium 1800 Reposado, BOLS Triple Sec, and Sunkist Sweet and Sour, hand-shaken and served on the rocks with a side shot of Grand Marnier.

The Fajitas, a sizzling combo plate of chicken breasts, chipotle marinated grilled steak, and succulent sauted shrimps, was flambeed at the table with Jose Cuervo Gold. Take a look!


Anonymous said...

Wow! my mouth is watering. Its been so long since I had good cantina food and now I'm missing SFO. Vat to do!!!

Sank said...

Another chain.... Hard to beat those margies however.