Friday, May 11, 2007

Slow is Beautiful

Newsweek's cover story begins with: "The hectic 10-city, 10-day package tour is a thing of the past. We say good riddance." I whole-heartedly agree. During the last few vacations, we have done away with the rushed sight-seeing tours, and have let time move slowly. We have chosen to stay at a single place for longer times, instead of trying see and do everything the tour books recommend.

Read the Newsweek cover story: Taking the Time Off.


Bhavesh said...

I absolutely agree. Holidaying is not packing tons of places to see that at the end of the holiday you realise that you have not even a single day off..

Holidaying is just lazing around, paying attention to the smaller things and just life let be..

Shantanu said...

@justme: You said it!