Monday, May 14, 2007

Which Wine?

Intimidated by sommeliers? Baffled by the difference between Beaujolais and Burgundy? Choosing a good wine is a minefield for many of us, but following the old mantra of 'red for meat' and 'white for fish and seafood' and hoping for the best won't do your meal justice.

Check out the new website by wine guru Fiona Beckett for all those who would like to find the perfect pairing of wine but don't know what to choose. Here's a good place to begin.

BTW, of Indian food she says: "Depends on the overall level of heat. Mild dishes can take a dry white or rosé. Medium-hot dishes are better with a modern, fruity white or red such as an Australian Semillon-Chardonnay or Colombard or a Cabernet-Shiraz blend. Very hot curries are impossible to pair with wine. Stick to lager!"


Virad said...

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Anonymous said...

so thanks for posting that website! i am completely clueless when it comes to wine pairings. and my boyfriend and i love indian food - i've never been able to choose a wine for it. we usually just go the safe route and drink beer!

shuchika said...

a mouth watering post!