Friday, June 01, 2007

Indian Tourists Rude?

"Indians may be clocking up air miles like never before but when it comes to tourist etiquette, they still have miles to go. A poll of 15,000 European hoteliers has ranked Indian tourists as the second worst, behind only the French."

Times of India reported the latest survey by Expedia. Other findings in this survey:

  • Trailing India in the league of terrible tourists are the Chinese followed by the Russians and Brits.

  • Etiquette didn't score the Indian outbound traveller any points either. The poll ranked them as the worst behaved followed by the Italians.

  • Cleanliness doesn't seem to be a strong suit with Indians either, with those in the trade saying Indians are wont to leave their hotel rooms in a mess though they are not as messy as the Russians. The Germans were ranked as the tidiest.

Read the complete report in the Times of India (here) or Swiss Info (here).


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but i agree with this blog..kinda sad

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