Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Facts Meme

Fellow blogger Wannabe Wino tagged me to tell you eight random facts about myself. So here goes:

1. I collect hotel room key-cards. Here's a photo from my collection of hotels I have stayed in around the world.
2. During childhood, I dreamt of owning the largest personal library in the whole world.
3. I have read all Harry Potter books to date; I expect to read the final one too.
4. The first car I ever drove was a Toyota Camry in the USA; I bought my own car in India only after returning: A Maruti-Suzuki 800.
5. In my first job, I designed electronics for the next generation of battle-tanks for the Indian Army. We actually tested them on real tanks which was quite a thrill!
6. My first PC was a Gateway, my first cellphone was a Nokia, and my first MP3 player was an iRiver. I have stayed loyal to Nokia but not the other two.
7. I smoked for a period of six years before I quit. 'Have stayed away from cigarettes and cigars ever since.
8. I witnessed a shoot-out in Bandra during my very first trip to Bombay.

Hopefully, that was random enough! Now for the difficult part of figuring out who to tag. Let's see... I will tag the following bloggers:

Winnie, Shikha, Melody, Holly Jean, Sakshi, Middle Model, Bee, and Anil. If you play along, you have to list eight random facts about yourself, tag eight other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged.

Cloudy skies and light drizzle outside my window right now. I love the rains! Pune is so much prettier during the monsoon. Spread link love and have a great day!


Holly Jean said...

very interesting.. I shall play this tag game too. Thanks for the tag

The Last Sign said...

haha.. for a moment i read link love as pink love.
If one of those warheads go astray we know whom to catch ;)

Sonadora said...

Thanks for playing! Love the hotel key cards photo, that is certainly a random factoid!

Bhavesh said...

July 21 st is D Day we are all looking forward to.
My gut feel - Harry and Voldemort both Die.!

Shantanu said...

@holly jean: Thanks. You have been the first off the block!

@the last sign: :)

@sonadora: Thanks for tagging me.

@justme: I am trying not to imagine what the ending is gonna be!

Melody said...

Already done this meme here:

Hate memes. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just saw this post and I will reply some time tomorrow.

Thanks for tagging me! :)

Sig said...

Nice read... and yay nice to know you are a fello HP fan... can't wait for the final book!

Shantanu said...

@melody: No sweat!

@winnie: Look forward to that...

@sig: Yeah, only a few days more now.