Friday, June 29, 2007

June Jaunt Thru Blogworld

Here are some of the great travel and food blogs I discovered during this month (Please note: All photographs in this post belong to the authors/blogs reviewed below):

Belur Halebid1. Meiyang Chang's blog, Buddha Soliloques. In a post from his trip to Belur, Halebid and Shravanabelagoda in Karnataka, he writes: "...a closer look at the thousands of stone human figures, elephants, warriors, Gods and Goddesses adorning the temple clearly sets a clearer picture. The sculpted inner & outer walls of the temple tell a tale of dedication and sheer hard work by the craftsmen. Each figure is carved to perfection and straining to come to life any moment."...Read More.

BTW, if he seems familiar to Indian viewers, that's because he's on Indian Idol; which is probably why he's not been updating his blog since May 07!

Northern Norway2. Thomas Laupstad's visual treat, Photos from Northern Norway. An example of his poetry through pictures: "This photo was taken through my bedroom window at midnight. I guess it’s not really a sunset because the sun is not setting in the horizon. The midnight sun is just hiding behind the mountains."...Read More.

Stuffed Pheasant Breasts3. Roshani's appetizing blog, Living to Eat!. From one of her recent posts, "On my last trip to Notting Hill’s farmers’ market I was pleasantly suprised to find a pack of pheasant breasts at the Manor Farm stall... I was so enthralled with my pheasant, I thought I should do something exciting with it. "...Read More.

Kaziranga National Park4. Anita Bora's photo-blog, Just a Little Something. She writes about her recent visit to Assam's Kaziranga National Park, home of the Indian one-horned rhino: "The best sighting turns out to be a huge python wrapped around a tree. The guide informs us that it has been wrapped around that particular branch for a few days. It’s quite a fascinating creature and I would have loved to see it move, though I had no intention of being under that tree if it happened to let go of the branch for some reason. "...Read More.

Swimwear in Indian Beaches5. Mark Righter's blog, An Englishman in Mumbai. See India through the eyes of an outsider, in this case an expat Englishman with a sense of irony and humor. From his recent post (research?) on why Indian women wade into the beach fully-clothed, "...whereas in England you would have a rule against wearing swimsuits that are too skimpy, here women have to be ordered out of day-clothes and into swimwear! "...Read More.


Sank said...

Wonderful post Shantanu.

Cuentos said...

Of your last posts, this one is the most interesting… for me. Greetings, Mariana Cuentos.

Shantanu said...

@sank: Thank you!

@cuentos: Glad you liked it. I expect to do one every month.

Thomas said...

Thanks a lot :) I'm honored!

Shantanu said...

@thomas: You are welcome! Your pictures and the live you live in are both breath-taking.

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