Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alexander's Steak House

Alexander's CupertinoOne of my foodie colleagues keeps talking about his favorite steakhouse: Alexander's in Cupertino. On his last birthday, his kids treated him to a special $500 steak here. I wonder what that tasted like... When I realized this steak-house is only a couple of miles from my hotel, I decided to stroll down and give it a try. I wasn't disappointed - not in the least!

The weather was great, the brisk walk did me some good, and Alexander's turned out to be a pretty classy steak-house. You enter through a glass-fronted dry-ageing room with a display case of high-quality steaks from ranches in the United States and Japan. Flyers are available for the newcomer to brush up on the basics of putting a good steak onto your plate.

The Walk to Alexander'sThe interiors are quite traditional, with leather, dark wood and dim lighting. Seating is distributed over more than one area. The waitstaff were formal and efficient. As I ordered my drink and perused the menu, I noticed they have some pretty interesting starters, sides and seafood too - a recent trend in the USA to attract more women into these male-dominated restaurants.

Salad in Alexander'sI started with a Baby Lettuce Salad with red raddish, ten kasu and yuzu vinaigrette. One of the owners of this restaurants is Japanese, so you can see some Asian touches here in the starters and sides. I am not a salad-lover, but this one I did enjoy.

The T-Bone in Alexander'sFor my entree, I ordered the 24 oz. dry-aged T-Bone, medium-rare like always. The steak came covered with three different kinds of peppers and looked really huge on the plate, but I am proud to say I finished it with nary a break! The side of baked potato with crispy bacon and cream was uitably huge too. Actually, that was probably the largest potato I have seen in my life - or so it seemed! :)

Pudding at Alexander'sOrange Souffle at Alexander'sI wasn't planning for a dessert, but the waiter tempted me with their 'special' orange souffle which is apparently made fresh for every customer. And you should have seen it! The souffle rose way above the cup in which it was served. The waiter then made a hole on the top to let out the hot steam and poured a chocolate sauce into it. The souffle was light as froth and pretty interesting on the palate I must say. And while I was waiting for the souffle, they even surprised me with a chocolate pudding!

Alexander's CupertinoIf you are in Silicon Valley and love your meat, give Alexander's a try. Especially so if you want to sample Kobe beef. I particularly enjoyed the refreshing walk to dinner and back - something one rarely does in the USA.

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We enjoy the the cuisines for which we do not have access thru your blog.

The more I read posts , the passion over your blog is increasing.

Shantanu said...

@harekrishnaji: Thank you!

izmir evden eve said...

thank you for sharing

bint battuta said...

There's such a thing as a $500 steak??? I'm speechless ;-)

RennyBA said...

Looks like a delightful place with real good quality food. The t-bone looked delicious of course, but I also felt for teh souffle - looks very tempting.

Until I get to Silicon Valley: Thanks for taking me with so I could see how it was!

Sig said...

:) That is some healthy appetite you have there Shantanu, to follow that steak with a souffle! :).
And $500 steak? Wow, I hope it came with a couple of whole lobsters!!!

Sig said...
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kyh said...

i just love the looks of the desserts! they make me droolzzz! :P

Anonymous said...

@izmir: Thanks for visiting!

@bint: Ha,ha! Apparently there is.

@rennyba: This was my first steakhouse in the Silicon Valley.

@sig: Ha, ha! Amazing, isn't it?

@kyh: I am a dessert person too. :)

indicaspecies said...

You finished the 24 oz. dry-aged T-Bone steak without a break..haha! I would too if it was tasting as delicious as the picture shows.

A visit to your blog makes me always hungry and I shouldn't do that while at work!

Anonymous said...

@indicaspecies: Does look wonderful with the red peppercorns, doesn't it? Heh, maybe I should put a NSFW tag on my blog now!

izmir evden eve taşıma said...
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indicaspecies said...

NSFW tag..haha!

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