Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Epicurean in Tokyo - Part II

Gonpachi Ginza TokyoYesterday, the team dinner was at a place called Gonpachi in Ginza. Ginza is Tokyo's most famous upscale shopping, dining and entertainment district. We had a private dining area to ourselves, and the food was contemporary Japanese.

This time we ordered chilled sake which is easier to load up on! In Japan, you never fill your own glass, someone else does it for you, and you return the favor. Before we knew it, the guys were high on sake (some had ordered soju too, which is stronger like whiskey) and having great fun.

Gonpachi Ginza TokyoDinner consisted of portions of veggies, followed by skewers of meat, skewers of minced chicken that resembled corn-dogs, sushi (my first sea-urchin!), rice & soup, delicious fried crab-meatballs, and noodles. The picture here is of batter-fried prawn-meat. The multi-layered ice-cream was good too. However, with so much sake, a couple of guys needed help to walk out!

Monkeys Roppongi TokyoSome of my new friends weren't calling it a day yet! We had two Aussies, two Japanese, two from Singapore, one guy from Hong Kong and me, still going strong.

Gonpachi Ginza TokyoWe took a taxi down to Roppongi (second day in a row), navigated our way through those touts once again, and ended up in a dart-bar called Monkeys. We played dart and sampled their version of Singapore Sling late into the night. It was pretty late in the night when we took a taxi back to the hotel.

With this late night-on-the-town, all plans of sight-seeing had to be cancelled; that will have to wait for another trip.

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Yuri said...

Seems like the only reason you look out of place in that group pic is coz of the 'mooch'.... lol

Anonymous said...

Well...some Indians believe in "Mooch nahin toh kooch nahin".

Its not really the mooch if u take a closer look...its Shantanu's trademark smart brown jacket, light trousers whereas the rest of the gang merges with the 'night's silhoutte'... all 'grayed' and blue n black ;)

Shantanu said...

Insigificant-Half is actually Significant-Three-Quarters in disguise!