Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Sofitel San Francisco Bay

Sofitel Redwood CityThis was the first time I have stayed at one of Sofitel's hotel. Distinctively European, the hotel has a very airy and spacious feel to it. The feeling continues as you enter the room; the pastel shades, floral curtains, and European styled furnishings are a pleasant change.

The hotel also has a fairly good French restaurant and a bar in the lobby level, both of which overlook the large lagoons. Sofitel Redwood CityI found the breakfast here particularly good; the breads, croissants and pancakes were very fresh and better than those I find in most other hotels. Also the seafood pasta I ordered for lunch after checking-in was good too.

The weather in California has been unusually cold and apparently the state will lose almost 75% of its citrus fruit this year. Until the weekend, I was busy with my business meetings and team dinners all of which were held in the same hotel, so I didn't venture out at all.

ErawanFinally, I went out with some friends to the Straits restaurant yesterday which features Singaporean food; while the food was good, the highlight was the excellent mango mousse we had for desserts. Today, we had lunch in a Thai place called Erawan; the Thai fried calamari and Spicy Basil Fried Rice were pretty good. I also discovered Thai style iced coffee in which they use coconut milk to give it that unique taste.

ErawanI catch my Lufthansa flight tomorrow to begin my journey back to Pune, this time over the Atlantic.


Sandip said...

Ummm, nice dishes, travelogue posts n links on the side bar, Sir! (will love to go through 'em as time permits, the "Blink" man's to begin with)!

me looking where's the gizmo category on ur page?


I am feeling jealous.

I have not travelled abroad except Dubai