Friday, June 15, 2007

The International Food Blog

Mystic Masala PuneI was recently invited to become a member of the International Blog of Food. Check out my first post on the food I sampled yesterday at the Mystic Masala, one of the two restaurants at Pune's Blue Diamond Hotel.

The pictures in this post are of me and my little angel on our way to the restaurant and the bags of Indian spices that adorn the entrance.

As many of you probably know, about 40% of Indians are vegetarians. Regular readers of this blog also know by now that I am not one of them :)

However, given the variety of great-tasting vegetarian options available in India, I would advice those new to Indian food in sampling more than just the kababs and biryanis. The local cuisine in Pune is distinct, and has a lot of mouth-watering vegetarian options too.

Mystic Masala Pune


Melody said...

Congrats on being asked to write for another blog, always a nice thing! And your angel really does look like one - even in the pic at the other place :)

Sank said...

What a cutie. Great Picture.

The Last Sign said...

Cute picture Shantanu, am sure she's an angel.
Great food blog. Keep feeding it. ;)

Sig said...

Great review as usual and your baby girl is a beautiful litle angel!

mind-rambler said...

congratulations for getting the invitation :-)

BTW, have u visited this site? - contains a lot of tips!

Shantanu said...

Thanks, everyone for leaving comments!

Anonymous said...

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