Thursday, January 18, 2007

Redwood City, California

California yet again! For those of us in the business of high tech, a periodic pilgrimage to California is unavoidable. I have lost count of the number of times I have been to this sunny state on the West Coast of the USA. California is not only the most populous state in the US, but it's GDP of close of $1.62 trillion (as of 2005) is larger than all but eight countries' in the world.

I have visited multiple cities and destinations within California including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Mountain View, and San Jose. I have vacationed on Lake Tahoe when there was 13 feet of snow, and have watched the sun going down on the beautiful Santa Monica beaches.

Redwood City CaliforniaSo, what can I possibly discover in this trip to Redwood City? Well here are some interesting facts I found:

Redwood City's motto 'Climate Best By Government Test' dates back to the time of World War I, when the US government began conducting climate surveys and gathering meteorological data. Their findings revealed Redwood City to be at the center of one of the world's three best climates (The other two? The Canary Islands and the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa).

Redwood City is sometimes jokingly refered to as Deadwood City by the residents of San Francisco Bay. As a judgement, this is more reflective of an earlier time when the downtown was in decline.


Yuri said...

so gulliver where art thou now

Anonymous said...

ohh, u hv already flown out of tokyo! Did u finally taste fugu or not? heheee...I was waiting for a reaction from u after tastig the dish :-)

Yuri said...

romi.. get a blogspot id .. if not to blog.. atleast helps in the comments :P

Shantanu said...

Even if you don't you can enter a name rather than choose to be Anonymous (which wasn't your intention) since you signed your name in the body of the comment.

Bong Mom said...

nice posts in Tokyo. Had heard a lot about the toilets, thanks for the pics

Sank said...

Great postings Shantanu. Ahh California, my native state. I lived in Cupertino for a couple years when I first got married. Not far from where you are. The In-Laws still have a place in Los Gatos there. Make sure to visit the Hong Kong Flower Lounge there and enjoy some great sea food for me!